Thursday 19 April 2018

Today is our last day in Smithtown, so in the USA.
Before, we followed for the last time our host at school. We said goodbye to our amazing family. At school, some of the French students introduced themselves in some Spanish classes with different grades and answered a few questions like:
- What are the differences between the USA and France?
The current answers were:
-    The schedule is the same in the USA High School but changes every day for a French student.
-    Everything is bigger in the USA: roads, buildings, cities…Food!
-    In France the day start at 8:00 a.m. and ends between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. for most of us whereas in the USA students start at 7:20 a.m. and end at 1:55 pm. So today my own schedule was: History at 7:20 a.m., and then Spanish, French, Spanish, Chemistry, math and band.
Afterwards we took our lunch at 12:31 p.m. at the library, because it was time to share a last moment with our hosts. Everyone was there, all of us said something with his / her host in front of the others. We could see a lot of tears in each face. We were very sad to leave this place and our hosts. They are our family, we love them and we are very grateful and happy to have met them.
Then we left Smithtown, its inhabitants with sadness.  Now we fly through clouds, the night is coming. It marks the end of this wonderful adventure and the beginning of something new.







Final countdown.

This morning we went to the High School with our luggage. We had to put them in our “kid’s” car (our correspondent) or to let them in the library.

7:20 a.m. First of the nine periods started.

Finally during the 8th and 9th period we have eaten with the Americans to say goodbye… But it’s been very hard to say goodbye. We all said what we have thought, felt, about these two weeks we shared and that made all of us cry.

2:15 pm. We caught a bus to the JFK airport in NYC where we arrived at 4:30 pm and boarded in a plane to Paris at 6:40 pm.  Again we felt so sad to leave our correspondents and come back to France.
I personally will never forget these two weeks nor what happened today in the library and before getting on the bus.


Pour voir les images en détail, c'est sur Holala Vannes !

Pour voir les images en détail, c'est sur Holala Vannes !

Pour voir les images en détail, c'est sur Holala Vannes !


A bientôt

Les auteures du blog... et du séjour.

A. Herviou & L. Le Gurun



Wednesday was a another day in New York. Our appointement was at 7:15 in the school. When everyone was there, we took the bus,then we took a boat to see the statue of liberty and also visit the Ellis Island museum. This museum is about the immigration to the US. It was really interessting to visit. After, we took the bus again to go the 9/11 memorial. It was very impressive to see. The next stop was at the rail highline. There, we had a good view of New York. We finished our day in Times Square, buying the lastest presents. We ate at Stardust, the dinner where the waiters sing. It was cool, there was a very good atmosphere. Finally, we took the bus to go home and went to sleep


The 18 April, we went to New York City for the second time. The group, composed by French students and American correspondents have taken the bus in the morning to join the city. We started by taking the boat all the way to Liberty Island where we took photos in front of the Statue of Liberty. Then we took the boat again and we went to Eliss Island. We visited the places where the migrants were selected and examined before entering american soil. Then we went into the city where we walked along Wall Street and then we took the bus and went to the 9/11 memorial. It is composed by 2 structures: a fountain where there are the names of all the victims and the second is a structure representing an eagle. Then we walked along the Highline, a railway transformed into a garden. To end, we had some free time to go to Times Square before going to Stardust on Broadway, a restaurant where the waiters mount on tables to sing and dance. After that we went back to the bus to go back to our exchange families to make our luggage so that we could leave the next day.


Malgré un temps au départ un peu incertain pour notre seconde journée à Manhattan, les élèves américains et français étaient impatients de découvrir le programme de la journée. Nous avons commencé par la découverte de Liberty Island et la Statue de la Liberté puis avons poursuivi avec Ellis Island, ancien centre d’accueil des immigrants européens devenu maintenant un musée.
De retour sur Manhattan, sous le soleil, nous nous sommes dirigés vers Wall Street et le bâtiment de la bourse de New York, puis nous avons visité le Mémorial de 9/11 et le High Line Park qui est  un parc urbain suspendu aménagé sur une portion désaffectée des anciennes voies ferrées aériennes du Lower West Side.


Notre périple a pris fin à Times Square où les élèves ont pu faire leurs derniers achats mais aussi poursuivre leur découverte de ce lieu haut en couleurs. La journée s’est terminée au Stardust Diner, lieu très apprécié de tous car les serveurs  chantent à tour de rôle en attendant des contrats à Broadway...


Aujourd’hui, jeudi 19 avril, le départ approche à grands pas. Les élèves sont pour le moment en cours mais a midi, nous allons tous nous retrouver afin de déjeuner élèves ont pu faire leur derniers achats mais aussi découvrir poursuivre leur découverte de ce lieu haut en couleurs.

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Lundi après les cours à Huntington...


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This afternoon after the class we went to eat at Andersen's with all the group.

After we went to Huntington, some people played with a football and the others were learning to practice skateboard. Then we went in the town and we stopped to eat ice cream or a smoothie and we went back to the car. We spent the evening at Allie's home around a fire and we celebrated Lomig’s birthday with a big cake. Afterward we came back early because everyone was tired.



Today, we woke up at 6:00 o’clock in the morning. We arrived to school at 7:10, and we went to Forensic Science class. Then, we went to Economics and English class. I went home early because I felt not good (headache). I napped from 12:00 to 3:30. While everybody went to the park, me and my host went to İhop and we got pancakes.

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Next, we went to the mall to get gifts for my family and my best friend. We met up with everybody else at Allie’s house where we ate tacos and quesadillas and we also celebrated Lomig’s birthday with a huge beautiful cake. We left Allie’s at 9:00 and went home. We were very tired and we, the French students, noticed that the jetlag was catching up to us.


Friday morning, we left the high school at about 7.45 am to go to New York City. After more than an hour of bus, we reached the ONU. We had a tour in the most important building of the UN: we saw the General Assembly room which is an important place. After this tour, we went by bus to the Rockefeller Center and then from this place, we walked to Times Square and visited St Patrick's Cathedral on the way. In Times Square, we had two hours of free time to discover this famous place and do some shopping in small groups. At 3.30 pm, we had an appointment in front of the Hard Rock Cafe where we ate. Then, we walked through Central Park to go to the Metropolitan Museum. In the museum, we had to choose two parts to visit and take a picture of one piece of art in each of the two rooms so that we can explain them in our travel book. The museum was our final step of the day so after that, we left New York City to go back to Smithtown.




On Friday, we left high school by bus at 7.30 am. After roughly two hours of ride, we finally saw the highly anticipated skyscrapers. We went first to the United Nations where we had a guided tour and had the chance of seeing two huge meeting rooms including the General Assembly room. We then had time to buy gifts and souvenirs in the basement of the United Nations. After that, the bus took us to St Patrick’s Cathedral that we visited and then we went to Times Square (probably the best place in the world) where we did two hours of shopping. We had lunch in a restaurant called ‘Hard Rock Cafe’ and we then went to Central park and to the Metropolitan Museum. Finally, the bus brought us back to Smithtown, we arrived at 10 pm. It’s a good thing that we didn’t have school the next day.


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Grâce aux photos de Xavier, nous avons une petite idée des bons moments passés par les correspondants du lycée Lesage après l'école !

Jeux sur les plages de Long Island, balade à Port Jeff' (Jefferson), petite pause goûter et une balade encore au Avalon Park.


Après notre deuxième journée de lycée, et après plusieurs parties de Kahoot très amusantes en cours de francais, nous sommes allés visiter la forêt d’Avalon. C’est un parc très sympa.

Nous étions censés aller jusqu'à une énorme sphère de métal... Mais elle n’y était pas, et personne ne savait pourquoi.
Nous sommes ensuite allés à une plage ou nous avons acheté des glaces dans une boutique de bonbons et après une visite de la plage et de la ville, nous nous sommes rendus chez Ariane pour y faire la fête.







Daniel nous a adressé cette courte vidéo intitulée " integration", ce qui veut tout dire :




I went in class in the morning during nine periods. Classes last 40 minutes and school finishes 1.55pm.

At 3 pm, the whole  group went to a restaurant called American Roadside, and Mathys took the Roadstar, a hamburger with four steaks.

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He finished it and won a t-shirt.

After, we went to the beach by car and it was very cool. The water was very cold  but some people went in for a quick swim.



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