New York, New York!

Friday morning, we left the high school at about 7.45 am to go to New York City. After more than an hour of bus, we reached the ONU. We had a tour in the most important building of the UN: we saw the General Assembly room which is an important place. After this tour, we went by bus to the Rockefeller Center and then from this place, we walked to Times Square and visited St Patrick's Cathedral on the way. In Times Square, we had two hours of free time to discover this famous place and do some shopping in small groups. At 3.30 pm, we had an appointment in front of the Hard Rock Cafe where we ate. Then, we walked through Central Park to go to the Metropolitan Museum. In the museum, we had to choose two parts to visit and take a picture of one piece of art in each of the two rooms so that we can explain them in our travel book. The museum was our final step of the day so after that, we left New York City to go back to Smithtown.




On Friday, we left high school by bus at 7.30 am. After roughly two hours of ride, we finally saw the highly anticipated skyscrapers. We went first to the United Nations where we had a guided tour and had the chance of seeing two huge meeting rooms including the General Assembly room. We then had time to buy gifts and souvenirs in the basement of the United Nations. After that, the bus took us to St Patrick’s Cathedral that we visited and then we went to Times Square (probably the best place in the world) where we did two hours of shopping. We had lunch in a restaurant called ‘Hard Rock Cafe’ and we then went to Central park and to the Metropolitan Museum. Finally, the bus brought us back to Smithtown, we arrived at 10 pm. It’s a good thing that we didn’t have school the next day.


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